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dont trust tumblr users for actual facts regarding sensitive topics like The Grind! those whale aren't endangered, "thousands" are not killed in the hunts, their bodies are put to good use (such as, yeah, consumption), and oh, yeah, the whole thing has been regulated since the 1930s to prevent any serious damage to the whales population. more are killed yearly by fishing gear not aimed for them than by The Grind, so please go check out the official Faroe website for more info!

Pilot whales aren’t endangered, no, but their conservation status has been dubbed “unfavorable,” so maybe killing around 950 (no, not thousands, but almost 1,000 which is quite significant I would argue) of them each year isn’t the most helpful thing for their conservation or the health of the oceans. It’s not even just pilot whales that are slaughtered in this event; white-sided dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and harbor porpoises are slaughtered as well.

I don’t really give a fuck whether or not their corpses are being eaten. That doesn’t mean that this horrific death by way of spinal lances and blowhole hooks (or any type of unnecessary death) is in any way justified, and tradition is a pathetic fucking excuse as well. “Well we’ve been doing it for a long time, so even though it’s super fucked up and harmful, we’re just going to keep doing it. Yanno because we’ve been doing it for a long time.”

I’m also against any kind of fishing, so your arguing that fishing nets/gear kill more whales annually than these hunts doesn’t really apply here. I view that as a major issue as well, and would love for any practice that involves whales being harmed/killed by humans to stop.

And yeah like I’m totally going to go to the site that is trying to tell everyone, “hey we murder hundreds of whales each year, but it’s ok!!” for facts. That’s like researching SeaWorld by going to That’s like researching the harmful effects of sugar-sweetened beverages by asking the Coca Cola company what their research shows on the subject. 

So kindly get the fuck off my blog and throw yourself into the next trash receptacle that you encounter. 







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